Food Packaging Projects

print design, packaging design, fabrication

Packaging projects done in Louise Fili’s Packaging Design class for Sweet Botanicals organic fruit candies, Stella Greek products, La Sera wine and De Cecco pasta. For Sweet Botanicals, the goal was to highlight the five candy flavors through playful illustrations and an eye-catching candy box and wrappers. For the Stella products, extra-virgin olive oil, marinara sauce and clover honey, I wanted to showcase the quality of the product itself by having illustrations cut out of the label so the color of the product would shine through. La Sera translates to “the evening”, and accordingly, the wine series has a night theme. The series consists of Il Sogno, meaning the dream; Il Cielo, the sky; and Il Falò, the bonfire. Custom patterns line the backs of each label while hand-lettered names and a symbol designated to each wine take center stage. The boxes for De Cecco feature unique patterns referencing the abstract shape of each pasta.

New York, NY